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Rapid Evolution of Glycan Recognition Receptors Reveals an Axis of Host–Microbe Arms Races beyond Canonical Protein–Protein Interfaces
Zoë A. Hilbert, Paige E. Haffener, Hannah J. Young, Mara J.W. Schwiesow, Ellen M. Leffler, and Nels C. Elde, Genome Biology and Evolution (2023)
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Distinct pathways of adaptive evolution in Cryptococcus neoformans reveal a mutation in adenylyl cyclase with trade-offs for pathogenicity
Zoë A. Hilbert, Joseph M. Bednarek, Mara J.W. Schwiesow, Krystal Y. Chung, Christian T. Moreau, Jessica C.S. Brown, and Nels C. Elde Current Biology (2023).
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